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Pin punch tool OPTIMA Dogbone Shaft Replacement tool

6MIK is constantly innovating to offer high-performance items, adapted to our passion and proves it again with this OPTIMA tool which allows you to change cardan pins:

- High density aluminum / CNC machining / red anodized.

- Optimized ergonomics / size.

- Universal, this tool can service all 1/8 gimbals on the market and most 1/10 gimbals.

- Perfect guiding of the gimbal and the pin.

- Silent replacement. No need for a hammer.

- Grip for tightening facilitated by a wheel wrench.

- Automatic pins centering thanks to the timing butterfly.

(7mm open end wrench, wheel wrench and replacement pins not included).

GB - 6MIK constantly innovates by providing you performing items, useful for our Hobby, and proves it one more time, through that new OPTIMA Dogbone Shaft replacement Tool:

- High quality Alloy / CNC Housing / Red color Anodised.

- Optimized bulk & ergonomics

- Versatile, this tool allows to repair all 1/8 shaft pins of the market and most of 1/10 ones.

- Shaft / Pin Perfect guiding.

- Silent replacement. No needs for a hammer.

- Hand gripping for easy tightening by a simple wheel wrench.

- Automatic centring of the pins, thanks to our "butterfly" shim.

(7mm Flat key, Wheel Wrench and replacement pins are not included.)

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